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Innovation Realty Partners, LLC Secures Financing for Sammamish Town Center

March 22, 2018  By HCMP Law Offices

HCMP congratulates its client, Innovation Realty Partners LLC, on securing additional financing to facilitate further property acquisitions as part of its ongoing work with the City of Sammamish to implement the City’s Town Center Plan. Long planned as a key element of the City’s vision for accommodating future growth, the Town Center is envisioned as a gathering place for social interaction, with well-designed mixed-use development, cultural and recreational opportunities. The transit-oriented lifestyle center will include long overdue retail and commercial space, a variety of housing choices, parks and open space, and new roads and other infrastructure, from regional storm water management, regional parking solutions, pedestrian-friendly street networks and other low-impact development techniques. 

Attorneys Steve Roos and Ryan Durkan are providing legal counsel related to land use and entitlement issues, with Chris Addicott, Christie Segal and Misa Bretschneider handling legal matters related to acquisition and development of the properties.

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