Big law firms have small branch offices in major cities. Our medium-sized law firm has something better. We are a member of a select network of high-quality law firms known as Meritas. Only one law firm from each major metropolitan area is invited to join Meritas, and in Seattle, we are that one firm.

Meritas is an affiliation of 182 full-service law firms in 246 global markets. This "reach" is broader than any single law firm's. Our Meritas connection enables us to have a presence nationally and internationally in all major business centers in the world.

If we have a question about the laws of a particular state or country, for instance, we can call our Meritas affiliate and quickly get an explanation and advice from experienced and highly-regarded lawyers in that state or country. For questions that can be dealt with quickly, there is not even a charge. When more extensive work is needed, or when it might be necessary to become involved in a matter or lawsuit in another state or country, we generally involve our Meritas affiliate. The decision to refer a matter to one of our Meritas affiliates is made solely on the basis of whether the client's interests would be best served by involving a locally-based firm. Our firm does not receive any fee for making a referral. Our Meritas affiliation gives us a substantial advantage in the assistance we provide our clients.

Meritas firms provide high-quality, dependable legal services at a reasonable price. Before inviting a law firm to join its network, Meritas carefully screens and evaluates the law firm for the quality and sophistication of its business practice, and for its reputation as a first-rate firm. Moreover, for each referral of work to another Meritas affiliate, a follow-up evaluation is performed to make sure that the work was handled properly, efficiently, and to the client's satisfaction. This is how Meritas maintains the quality and excellence of its entire network of affiliates.

"We appreciate the ability of HCMP to represent clients with issues in a variety of areas and geographical locations." - Executive, National Bank client

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