Startups & Emerging Companies

The legal issues facing startup companies can be complex. Even though time and money may be in short supply during the early stages of a company’s existence, this can be a crucial time to get the company’s legal affairs in order so that it is ready to grow, take on investors, or sell when the time is right. We understand the challenges and constraints that startup companies face, and are experienced in guiding clients through formation and early-stage issues in an effective and efficient way while being responsive to the needs of creative, fast-growing businesses in intensely competitive industries.

We can help you with:

  • Entity formation and maintenance;
  • Devising ownership and management structures that will reflect your economic and business priorities;
  • Securities and financing issues of new and growing businesses, including seed financing, private placements, angel and venture capital investments, and initial public offerings;
  • Technology and e-commerce matters, including non-disclosure agreements and other measures to protect your proprietary rights and information;
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Trademark, copyright, and intellectual property issues;
  • Executive compensation, stock option plans, and other employee benefit issues; and
  • Licensing and other agreements with employees and contractors.