Intellectual Property

The value of many companies, and particularly new and emerging companies, is directly tied to their ability to obtain and protect their intellectual property. Our team is prepared to help you develop and implement strategies to secure and protect your intellectual property rights. Whether you are concerned with copyrights, trademarks or trade secrets, our team has the depth of experience necessary to help you develop and protect the intellectual property rights vital to your business.

Our work in the field also extends to transactions involving intellectual property. We have assisted numerous clients with:

  • licensing agreements for the use of intellectual property;
  • the purchase or sale of intellectual property rights;
  • intellectual property created by employees or contractors;
  • due diligence related to intellectual property; and
  • infringement claims and defenses.

HCMP’s intellectual property practice experience spans numerous industries, ranging from technology to manufacturing and life sciences. This breadth of experience means that we can provide you with well-reasoned and tested solutions to protect your intellectual property.