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HCMP Attorney Thaddaeus Gregory Elected Co-President of Rainier Scholars Alumni Council

June 21, 2021  By HCMP Law Offices

Thaddaeus J. Gregory, a land use and environmental attorney at HCMP, accepted his new position as Co-President of the Rainier Scholars Alumni Council in June of 2021. Rainier Scholars is an organization dedicated to supporting the students most underrepresented on college campuses: Multi-Generational African American, African immigrant, Hispanic/Latinx, first-generation Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American students. It is these students who have the greatest number of barriers to achieving a college degree. As a former Rainier Scholar himself and now the Co-President of the Alumni Council, Thaddaeus now helps to lead a growing body of young professionals who are committed to mutual support, networking and professional development, social activities and support for the Rainier Scholars community.

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