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Why Washington State is Good for Entrepreneurs: State Supreme Court Endorses the "Associational Rights" of LLC Members

At the start of a new business, everyone expects the enterprise (and those involved in it) to succeed. They expect they will continue to get along as the business grows. Unfortunately, however, this does not always... Continue Reading »

Lender Update: Recent Developments in Washington Law

Washington courts have issued two recent opinions that may be of interest to lenders: Continue Reading »

Evaluating Options for Insolvent Companies: Business Leaders Need to Understand the Tools Available to Them - As Creditors and Debtors

Few companies can survive without debt: establishing credit with vendors and lenders is usually essential to start or grow a business. Continue Reading »

How State Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect Your LLC

On September 10, 2015, the Washington Supreme Court decided Northwest Wholesale, Inc. v. Pac Organic Fruit, LLC, et al., Case No. 90891-5. Continue Reading »

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