Regulatory Monitoring

HCMP helps clients stay informed.

Changes to land use regulations are constant. These changes can fundamentally alter the value and development potential of a site. HCMP stays current on proposed revisions to zoning codes, Comprehensive Plans, and land use procedures. This cutting-edge insight allows HCMP to help evaluate prospective development sites, identify strategies for future opportunities, and influence the legislative process.

HCMP monitors and actively participates in a number of proposed regulatory changes, such as:

  • Affordable housing legislation, including the Seattle HALA recommendations for proposed upzones in neighborhoods throughout Seattle, and the residential and commercial framework legislation to implement the new affordable housing requirements
  • Upzones in the University District, Uptown, and the Central District
  • Comprehensive Plan amendments
  • Proposed changes to the Design Review Board structure and process
  • Bellevue Downtown Livability Agenda
  • Updates to various environmental regulations including stormwater permit requirements and cleanup standards applicable to contaminated sites

HCMP is ready to help your business navigate regulatory changes.


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