Our Experience at Work

Real Estate, Land Use and Environmental Legal Counsel Creates a New Zone for Yesler Terrace

Representing the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA), and working closely with City of Seattle officials, HCMP helped create an entirely new zone for Yesler Terrace, called Master Planned Community. Continue Reading »

Legal Counsel That Helped Shape South Lake Union

HCMP entitled the first project under the new zoning and developed the template for the new Regional Development Credits portion of the rezone. Continue Reading »

Creative Real Estate and Land Use Legal Strategies for Master Planned Communities

HCMP's Real Estate and Land Use attorneys regularly develop creative and innovative legal strategies on behalf of its clients with master planned communities. The following are a few examples: Continue Reading »

Legal Counsel That Mobilized an International Effort to Secure Spruce Goose

HCMP was not only was selected to take on this massive project, but we implemented a successful strategy involving numerous Meritas law firms throughout the world. Continue Reading »

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