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New Law Removes the Notarization Requirement for Commercial Leases

Washington to no longer require acknowledgment, witnesses, or seals for leases of any duration. Continue Reading »

HCMP Client Update: New Law Creates Leasehold Excise Tax Exemption for Affordable Housing

Washington Legislature has approved a tax break for affordable housing built on state land. Continue Reading »

Seattle Passes New Restrictions on Commercial Lease Guaranties

On December 12, the Seattle City Council passed Council Bill 120643 which will take effect later this month. The ordinance establishes new restrictions on commercial leases. Continue Reading »

Life of Certain Master Use Permits Extended to Six Years.

As of December 27, 2023, the life of certain Master Use Permits (MUPs) including design review approvals issued between September 2019 and December 31, 2026 are extended to six years. This is an increase from the... Continue Reading »

Seattle Tree Protection Ordinance in Effect

The new tree protection regulations reclassify trees by assigning them to a tier, based on their status as a "heritage tree," their size measured according to diameter at standard height ("DSH"), or other standards... Continue Reading »

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