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Seattle Publishes Draft Changes to Industrial Zoning

On April 11, 2023, Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development released long-anticipated draft legislation proposing changes to the City’s industrial zones (the “Legislation”). The Legislation creates three new industrial zones: Urban Industrial (UI); Industry and Innovation (II); and Maritime, Manufacturing and Logistics (MML). New rules concerning uses, densities, and development standards will apply in each of these zones. 

A Final Environmental Impact Statement supporting the Legislation was published in September 2022, building on years of environmental analysis and stakeholder engagement by City staff and others.  The City Council will likely review the draft legislation over the next several months, which will provide interested parties with another opportunity to engage in the process. Along with Sound Transit’s planned West Seattle and Ballard Link Light Rail Extension, we expect the Legislation will have far-reaching effects on Seattle’s industrial lands for decades.  

Our team is ready to help you understand the implications of the Legislation for your property and acquisitions pursuits. For more information regarding the Legislation, please contact members of our Land Use Team, including Holly Golden, Abigail DeWeese, and Joshua Friedmann.   

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