COVID-19 Practice Areas

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HCMP is here to advise you on the business the business challenges that may come about from the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all adapt to the rapidly changing legal and business landscape, HCMP stands at the ready to provide our clients the exceptional legal service they have always received from us. Our attorneys are prepared to counsel you on a variety of issues arising from the outbreak, including:

Business Transactions & Contracts

Our attorneys help clients navigate the new landscape for contract law amidst the global novel coronavirus pandemic. We advise businesses on new considerations in mergers and acquisitions, the delay or termination of contracts, applications of force majeure clauses, and MAE clauses.

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Employer Guidance

HCMP attorneys can help guide your legal department, business leaders, and board members on strategies to maintain resilience and business continuity. From long term care facilities to developers with ongoing construction projects, we are here to advise you on how to best protect your business and employees.

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Real Estate Considerations

Our team can tackle confusing scenarios related to landlords, tenants, borrowers, developers, and property owners and investors given the COVID-19 outbreak. We provide advice and counsel on deferred-rent negotiations, forbearance agreements, wrongful evictions, delays under development agreements and construction contracts, and issues related to purchases and sales.

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Environmental Health & Safety

In these confusing times, it is still important for businesses to understand and comply with state and federal environmental law and regulations. In response to COVID-19, several environmental agencies have issued guidance regarding enforcement discretion that may be applied for non-compliance due to COVID-19 challenges. HCMP’s environmental attorneys are closely monitoring these guidances and are prepared to advise clients on how to best navigate environmental compliance during the pandemic.

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Privacy & Data Security

Properly protecting your privacy and the privacy of your employees is crucial to maintaining best business practices. HCMP attorneys advise clients on medical privacy rights, disclosure of health information, common law defamation concerns, invasion of privacy claims, information security, and data minimization.

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Cross-border Transactions

As concerns about international business and commerce grow, HCMP’s business attorneys can provide insight on matters involving international trade, supply-chain disruption, and corporate transactions. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ businesses and employees receive what they need to keep operating.

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Lender Guidance

As the financial markets continue to react to the global concerns about COVID-19, HCMP’s lender services attorneys are ready to advise lenders on best practices to protect their bottom line. We also help our lender clients maintain awareness of measures regulators are currently evaluating to stave off delinquencies or liquidity crises. Whether our client is a large international bank or a smaller regional lending operation, HCMP consistently provides excellent counsel to its lender clients.

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Labor & Employment

U.S. employers will need to keep in mind the current state of applicable employment laws when deciding how to respond to the epidemic, as they may implicate several areas of employment law, including occupational health and safety regulations, anti-discrimination laws, employee leave laws, employee privacy considerations, disability claims, workplace infection risk management, compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, mandates from public health officials, job protections for employees, payout of accrued PTO, and OSHA compliance. HCMP’s attorneys have a great deal of experience working with businesses and institutions of all sizes on employment-related matters, and we are well-prepared to help you navigate the myriad questions being raised as increasing numbers of workers fall ill, and increasing numbers of employers are keeping asymptomatic employees home.

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Should any of these legal questions result in a suit, HCMP’s team of skilled litigators is more than prepared to serve as counsel to you and your business in a variety of disputes. They consistently achieve highly favorable outcomes for our clients in a broad range of litigated matters, from labor and employment suits to environmental claims and land use disputes. We also have a robust corporate litigation practice, and frequently serve as litigation counsel to our lender clients in the event that a dispute arises.

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Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Whether our client is a creditor or a debtor, we understand the challenges COVID-19 is bringing about. Our team has a broad and deep understanding of the issues involved, and we have decades of experience solving problems in a wide range of settings. 

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Land Use

HCMP's land use attorneys partner with private and public clients on a full range matters impacted by COVID-19 related legislation; including leasing, joint ventures, purchases & sales, financing, and conservation.

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