Land Use Litigation

When disputes arise in the development world, HCMP combines land use, real estate, and environmental expertise with skilled advocacy for their clients.

HCMP has successfully litigated many of the significant Washington court cases involving the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), the Shoreline Management Act (SMA), vested rights, subdivision regulation, regulatory takings, zoning, annexation, and standing to sue. For actions before local hearing examiners and state environmental hearings boards, or in court, HCMP pairs the substantial knowledge of its land use and environmental attorneys with the courtroom skills of its litigators.

Representative Matters

From a courtroom win to a major real estate sale, HCMP represented CalPortland Company involving the attempted condemnation of 230 acres of property on Puget Sound. After getting the condemnation action dismissed, HCMP successfully negotiated with Pierce County for the sale of the entire 600-acre parcel on terms favorable to the client.

In a seminal case on greenhouse gas emissions, HCMP defended Puget Sound Regional Council against a challenge to its 30-year Transportation Plan. All claims that PSRC did not adequately address climate change statutes were dismissed. Cascade Bicycle Club v. Puget Sound Regional Council, 175 Wn.App. 494 (2013).

HCMP successfully defended Seattle’s issuance of a master use permit for R.C.Hedreen Company’s 1,000 room hotel proposal in the Denny Triangle before the Hearing Examiner and in a Land Use Petition Act appeal to King County Superior Court.


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